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Death Speaker is an epic saga about Emyn’s  life, and her search for happiness.  
“It is a spellbinding story about love and loss, betrayal and honor. . . . makes for a read that pulls at one’s heartstrings. A life so gripping, it becomes impossible to tear oneself away. A truly amazing story!”

Ana Smith, for InD’Tale Ezine

“This was one of the best novels I have read in a long time. Miss Kall takes a possibly bland story and turns it into this adventure that kept me hooked until the very ending! She brings interesting characters and ideas and thoughts together and combines them to make a thrilling tale of love, survival and trust. . . . it’s five ghosts out of five for this brilliant tale”

Sammy the Bookworm, Review Site for Teens

“Reminiscent of Game of Thrones. An exotic and well-written mix of ghost stories, history, and romance played out on an epic stage.”

Stephen Smoke, Author of Cathedral of the Senses and I, Walt Whitman

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Death Speaker is a wonderful and epic adventure which I did not want to return from! It’s attention to historical detail, coupled with it’s fascinating esoteric themes kept me enthralled and enchanted as the pages, and the world of heroes, kings, warriors, princes, maidens, gods, and spirits, unfolded before me! It takes place during a turbulent period in the history of mankind, as Ancient Rome spread its influence, as well as devastation, throughout the lands to the north. Yet, it is filled with enchantment, mystery, and romance. I was immediately able to identify with the main character Emyn and felt a kinship with her during her life journey. Author Vickey Kall has painted a vibrant tapestry and delivered the true essence of the period, as she displays her literary genius.

Daniel Wheeler, author of Grief and Grieving

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Vickey Kall’s novel, Death Speaker, is a literary treat. The protagonist, Emyn, has the ability to hear ghosts speak. Unfortunately, they do not always tell the truth. In the first chapter, the author writes: “And that was when she began, really: the day she learned that she could speak to and for the dead. That gift would carry her far from home to speak before the wise and the foolish alike. After that day, Emyn heard the word, Gutumaros, whispered when she passed: Death Speaker.”

Emyn lives in a world of violence and survival but also one of romance and magic. The setting is in the country now called France, populated by peasants, royalty, warriors and druids. The time is two thousand years ago. Caesar and his legions are rampaging through the countryside. Death Speaker is historical fiction, at its best.

I highly recommend this imaginative, literary novel.

Libby Grandy, author of Desert Soliloquy

From Emails:

“Wow! Excellent! . . .  The characters were so real.. . . I loved it.” (from Barbra Simpson)

“I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying reading your book.  . . . You write in such vivid pictures and take us right into the heart of the action.  It’s like physically being there.” (from Ildy Lee)